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Kitchen with Marble Island

Welcome to Forever Grace Design

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen cabinets a new and fresh look?  Replacing your cabinets can become costly. We can help you create a beautiful space with our professional kitchen cabinets painting.  

Refurbished Kitchen

About Us

Restoring an excellent look to your kitchen cabinets through painting

Your kitchen plays a vital role in keeping your family and loved ones healthy. We consider it to be one of the best and sensitive rooms in your homes. The focal point of your kitchen is your cabinets, and they usually define your kitchen's look. Often, the kitchen cabinets show wear, and when you plan to change it, buying new ones become a very costly option for you.

For kitchen cabinet restoration, contact us, here at Forever Grace Designs. We can change the appearance of your kitchen and improve the decor by a professional kitchen cabinet painting or cleaning and refreshing. 
 Planning a kitchen remodeling project? In that case, we can put it into action, manage your project from start to finish, work with your budget, choose the preferred vendors and help you with color coordination.  Our company has all the experience for transforming your kitchen to a beautiful space.


Jeanne Duke

Welcome to Forever Grace Designs . My Name is Jeanne Duke.  I am a Daughter of a King, I am a  wife,  mother,  and a grandmother of 3 beautiful boys. I am an artist  and  teacher.  I am a cancer survivor, a heart patient, (heart attack survivor) and i have learned to manage a disease called Lupus that my body has struggled with for years.  I believe we all are here with a purpose. To learn from our struggles. Find our strengths and use them for a greater good. Love one another and to lean on each other. We need to help each other along the way. Life is short, I have lost many that I love, I feel their strength everyday as I continue to walk my path on this amazing journey. If you and I meet I will call you my friend and I will be blessed to have you in my circle. 


I BELIEVE He has a plan for me and I believe it is to do what I am doing now.  Besides painting furniture and kitchen cabinets I enjoy creating my art,   and designs. I share my faith, hope,  joy, by creating  paintings for people to hang in their homes. We have painting gatherings so people can create their own beautiful art in a fun soulful environment to take home at the end of the night.  I bring people  together in fellowship to take a break from the everyday stresses so that they create their own masterpiece,  We laugh, we love, we have fun, we  sing,  we joke,  we share stories, we pray we cry, When you walk through my doors the outside world stays outside and you can just BE....I have never met a stranger and someone new touches my life everyday.   When I can make even the smallest impact on a persons  life for just a minute or a couple of hours it makes it all worth while.  Our shop is a proud to announce that we are now 100% for a purpose company. With every single job we do or item we sell, person that paints with us, etc...we give back into the community by sponsoring local families that need help. It may be to put groceries in the pantry or pay the electric bill for them. or maybe medical bills that are mounding up. Our families and their needs change monthly.  But we keep it in the community! Real lives of real people that need our help!  So thank you for stopping by my website, and remember pay it forward because "TODAY IS A GOOD DAY ...TO HAVE A GOOD DAY!"


Jeanne Duke

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