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Painting Party 

Let’s Have a Painting Party

Get together with a few friends and family and come over to Forever Grace Design.  Let's have a  a painting party. A painting party is a great way for you and your friends to take a break from your everyday stresses. Our goal is for you to walk through our doors put down your phone, forget about the outside world and enjoy creative time and quality time with your loved ones. Life is always busy,  slow down for an afternoon, bring in some food and drinks and enjoy fellowship. Just let your stress and anxiety float away, and have a good time. Nobody goes to a painting party to become a professional painter. Our painting parties are fun and lighthearted. We can promise you will take home not only a beautiful masterpiece but also beautiful memories too. 

During your painting party, an instructor will guide you through the process of making a wooden sign or pictures, depending on what you decide. If you and your friends are ready to let your inner Bob Ross’s shine, contact Forever Grace Designs and lets plan your painting party.

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